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    Propecia online germany is not good for the brain it's bad (sic); the fact is that there no scientific evidence Propecia improves performance, let alone that it has such a strong effect on the female brain, as Propecia claims; there is also no reliable evidence that Propecia impairs sexual function in women, as its makers claim; even if there were reliable evidence that Propecia improves sexuality, a woman would need to have sex at least 10 times to show an effect; and it is simply impossible to tell a woman that she must stop having sex. Propecia is a powerful drug for treating certain conditions, but there is no reliable evidence that it has positive effects on the brain or sexual function. Pfizer Finasteride generic for sale and Allergan announced today that they are cutting all ties with Propecia-maker Hoffmann-La Roche, after three women sued the company over drug's alleged harmful side effects, such as infertility. A fourth woman won $27 million judgment against the company last year that included a settlement over the claim that Propecia could cause breast cancer. These new settlements make clear that the drug company's does not improve the brain and sexual functioning, as the company claims. In fact, drug makes it worse because reduces brain activity, according to the women. Pfizer and Allergan have also agreed to pay the four women $3 million each to compensate their losses as a result of the drug's alleged effects on their sexual functioning. Pfizer will compensate the third woman as part of a settlement with her. Allergan also agreed to pay her $4 million. "In short time, these three settlements amount to $1.2 million that will go to the families of all three women and will provide them with justice," said Gloria Allred, a lawyer for the women. On Wednesday, the three women sued company's medical director, Robert Wood Johnson, who oversees all pharmaceutical research, diagnostics and development for Pfizer. "We have not ruled the case out in any way, shape, or form," said Allred at a news conference today. Wood Johnson said he was unaware of the lawsuits. Propecia, a prescription drug used to treat women with certain breast or brain cancer, is used to speed up recovery after treatment or reduce the severity of symptoms during disease. But Propecia has come under fire for causing some of its women users to become obsessed with sex, which can also affect their breast volume and sexual performance. The drug also can lead to blood clots and strokes, according to Allred. Hoffmann-La Roche issued a statement today saying that their new research demonstrates "no clinical benefit to Propecia." While not commenting on the lawsuits, it added, "We continue to believe that in appropriate clinical situations, such as when approved by the FDA and when clinically shown to have an effect, Propecia should be used. However, we now believe that there are additional factors influencing the benefits of drug in individual patient that cannot entirely be attributed to its mechanism of action." The company announced that it had changed the way Propecia is prescribed to women and will include an expanded warning label to more clearly explain the risks and benefits to women. All that said, Pfizer is still promoting Propecia as the "first-line treatment for benign and atypical breast changes in postmenopausal"

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    Propecia is the first and only once-a-day FDA-approved pill proven to treat male pattern hair loss on the vertex (top of head) and anterior mid-scalp area (middle front of head) in men only.

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